Interlibrary Loan & Copyright

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries comply with the rights and restrictions provided by the Copyright Law (Sections 107 and 108) when obtaining copies on interlibrary loan for campus library users, and when supplying copies of campus materials to other libraries.

The Copyright Law provides a set of exclusive rights (see Copyright Basics) to protect the usage rights of copyright holders but it also includes some limitations on those rights to insure that you can use these works effectively for study and research.

It is important that you respect the copyright of the materials you receive on interlibrary loan. The copyright warning that you read when you place an interlibrary loan request explains that the law allows the library to obtain copies for you from other libraries under certain conditions. One important condition is that the requested copy should only be used for your personal study, scholarship, or research. The library may refuse an order if it appears that fulfillment would be a violation of the law and will advise you as to other ways to obtain the needed material.

Library staff members follow several sets of guidelines to interpret the law for interlibrary loan as well as utilizing commercial suppliers and the copyright clearance center to obtain as much requested material as possible.

Fee-based Lending to Other Libraries and Organizations

The campus fee-based lending services should be contacted directly regarding copyright compliance.

  • Wisconsin TechSearch is a document delivery and literature search service and accesses all UW-Madison libraries. Call (608) 262-5917.