Diversity Resident Librarian

Established in 2013, this residency provides entry level librarians from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to develop skills and professional growth in academic librarianship. The program is designed to meet both the professional goals and interests of the Resident as well as the service and operational priorities of the Library. The program supports the goals of the Association of Research Libraries Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce.

From 2013-2016, the residency was a two-year program. Beginning in 2017, the residency has been expanded to a three-year program. Year one will include a placement in College Library, the library with primary service to undergraduates, to give the resident a firm foundation in academic librarianship with experience in reference, instruction, and collection development. After the first year, when the resident also gets familiar with the large UW-Madison campus and learns about the many different libraries and library services available, a two-year placement in a library will be arranged based on the resident’s interests and the needs and priorities of the libraries. For example, this placement could be at a science library, such as Steenbock Library, or a department such as Special Collections or Archives.

Learn more about the Residency program from the 2015 fall edition of the Libraries Magazine (page 9)

Current Diversity Resident Librarians (Fall 2017)

Kalani Adolpho Kalani Adolpho completed both a Bachelor’s in History (with a minor in Spanish) and a Master’s in Library and Information Science from UW-Milwaukee. While Kalani’s career goals might change as they gain more experience, at this point they are mainly interested in working at a special collections library or archives for the two-year placement following the introductory year at College Library. For more about Kalani, check out their full interview here!

Maij Xyooj On August 1, Maij Xyooj joined the staff of College Library as a new Diversity Resident Librarian. She will spend her first year at College Library, being introduced to the public service practices of the General Library System, before assuming a two-year placement based on her interests and the needs of campus libraries. To read more about Maij, check out her interview here!

Previous Diversity Resident Librarians

  • Katrina Spencer, 2016-2017

    Katrina is now the Literatures and Cultures Librarian at Middlebury College


    Welcoming New Resident Librarian, Katrina Spencer!

    Resident of the Month: Katrina Spencer

  • Carlos Duarte, 2014-2016

    Carlos is now an Instruction Librarian at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


    Welcome Carlos!

  • Miguel Ruiz, 2013-2015

    Following his residency, Miguel worked as an e-learning librarian at UW-Madison from 2015-2017, and is now the the Latino Engagement Librarian for Evanston Public Library.