Safety, Security, and Policing in UW-Madison Libraries: Guiding Questions

The UW-Madison Libraries Equity and Diversity Climate and Staff Engagement subcommittee is working on providing a series of questions and resources intended to engage library staff with the topics of safety, security, and policing in the Libraries and to identify areas for further collaboration and trainings.

There will be planned sessions for all library staff to engage with the document together and to share strategies for advocacy across the Libraries. 
The questions are meant to help staff evaluate internal biases, their impact on library procedures, and the subsequent impact on our various user communities and colleagues. This work engages staff in our value of inclusion, giving intentional and necessary space for staff to be mindful of our own biases and the ways in which we discriminate, and for examining and addressing barriers that limit participation in Libraries services.
Heather Shimon currently serves as the chair of CaSE, the Climate and Staff Engagement subcommittee

Strategic Directions