Hybridizing the IntroBio152 Library Lab

The Science and Engineering Libraries created an online version of the Bio 152 Library Lab.

This allowed us to move from a 3-hour in-person information literacy session to a hybrid model involving an asynchronous online module and a 1-hour class visit to reinforce and apply the module content to the students’ semester-long research project. Not only has this ameliorated an unstainable time commitment from instruction librarians, it allows students to personalize their learning by focusing on elements of the module that they are less familiar with while quickly reviewing the rest. The online module also ensures that all students have access to this core content instruction in the event of missing class due to illness or other emergency circumstances. Should the course pivot online, the online module will ensure consistent core content instruction as well.
Bio 152 is a Communication B, writing intensive, high enrollment introductory Biology course (~500-1000 students each semester), currently offered in-person only. The Science and Engineering Libraries have been involved with this course for over 20 years and have experienced the course size doubling, making the original information literacy instruction model unsustainable. 

The online module was developed and produced by Leah Freemon (Teaching & Learning Programs, formerly instruction resident librarian) with content guidance and input from Barbara Sisolak (Science & Engineering Librarian).

Strategic Directions