Finding and Using Industry Standards Learning Object

The Science & Engineering Libraries created a new learning module for engineering and design students to learn about Industry Standards, a critical piece of information to evaluate before embarking on a design or engineering project, and which are often more critical to consult than related research literature.

As a result of this module, vital information about industry standards are now a robust component of all InterEGR 397 Communication B Information literacy instruction, as well as other design course information literacy instruction, which previously did not afford much time to talk about this important document type. Residential and online students will also be able to engage and re-engage with this learning object wherever and whenever it is convenient for them. 

This learning object was developed by Anne Glorioso, Science & Engineering Librarian, and Leah Freemon, Teaching & Learning Programs

  • Value: Empowerment/Encourage experimentation and creativity
  • Value: Empowerment/Allow for flexibility in how staff and managers work
  • Value: Collaboration/Leverage the expertise of library staff

Strategic Directions