Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Micro-courses

In partnership with the Student Affairs Office of Inclusion Education, the libraries developed two pilot micro-courses to help all instructors in considering DEI when designing and implementing their teaching.

The courses developed include:
Reflecting on Social Justice Foundational Concepts – This micro-course is intended as a place for reflection on one’s own experience at a pace that feels manageable to each person who completes it. Lessons include social identity, socialization, implicit bias and micromessaging. Users familiar with these concepts are challenged to consider them from different angles or identities.
Including & Navigating Race in the Classroom – This developmentally sequenced course is intended as a starting point for an iterative process of continuous development on best practices for inclusive classrooms. Lessons include curating course materials, finding and evaluating course materials, ways of navigating classroom interactions and classroom dynamics, and strategies for addressing harm.

Strategic Directions