Canvas Module for College of Agricultural & Life Sciences (CALS) / STEM-Focused First Year Seminar Courses

The Science & Engineering Libraries, after consultation with CALS Academic Affairs, developed an asynchronous Canvas module for first year seminar courses offered through CALS and which could also be suitable for first-year seminar courses through non-CALS STEM departments. This module is entitled “UW Libraries: Your Partner for Academic Success.”

CALS requires all their students to complete an approved first year seminar course. Steenbock Library already had an instructional relationship with several of the courses that would fulfill the first year seminar requirement. There were several other courses with which we did not have a relationship. In an effort to reach these other courses in a sustainable way, we built a short Canvas module that introduces the Libraries as a resource to students, provides a brief overview of the role of scholarly research articles in STEM, and gives some instruction about how to find them. The module has a short review “quiz” at the end but does not involve a librarian visit to class.

This module is available to course instructors through Canvas Commons and can be placed in the course Canvas site at a time of the instructor’s choosing.

To view module in Canvas Commons:
  • Log into your Canvas account (
  • Select Commons from the left sidebar menu ( the  letter “C” with an arrow)
  • Once in Commons, search for UW Libraries: Your Partner for Academic Success in STEM
  • Click on the title of the module to see the content

Link to resource in Canvas Commons

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