Haiphong, a Steel Fortress

Ready to annihilate the enemy.

Ready to annihilate the enemy.

Over the last month, taking new steps in their escalation in order to save themselves from their disastrous situation and impasse in South Vietnam the U. S. aggressors have put into practice the so-called “rolling thunder plan” by carrying out repeated ferocious attacks against many North Vietnamese localities, among which Haiphong has been one of their main objectives.

They have wantonly bombed many populous quarters and economic establishments inside and outside the City. But they have met with a dense network of anti-aircraft fire of the army and people of Haiphong and have been duly punished.

Over the past forty days Haiphong has grown in strength in the fight and won victorious victories. From April 26, 1967 to October 11, 1967 the army and people of Haiphong shot down 161 U.S. airplanes and killed or captured many U.S. pilots.


  1. Company 12 of the Haiphong anti-aircraft forces fights heroically, joining forces with other units in shooting down tens of U.S. airplanes.
  2. Section 4 of the naval forces stationed at Haiphong has achieved many exploits.
  3. Ready to annihilate the enemy.
  4. Vu thi-Thung, a woman worker of the Tin Long foundry (Haiphong) fought with heroism against American planes on September 17, 1967.
  5. Members of the self-defense units of the Haiphong port have worked and fought valiantly day and night: loading and unloading cargoes, while ready to shoot at U.S. air-craft.
  6. An American plane was hit; the American air pirate who came down in parachute was captured by the army and people of X village (on the Haiphong outskirts) on October 5, 1967.
  7. The population of the city are ready to serve the soldiers and the militia in the fight, contributing to the victory over the enemy.
  8. In the streets of Haiphong, order and security are maintained even during enemy furious attacks.[sic] The people’s policemen are heroic guides of the population.
  9. The activities of the Haiphong port have never been interrupted, the temps of both production and fighting is quickening.[sic]
  10. Nobody leaves his or her position.