Designate a Faculty Runner

Faculty may designate a currently enrolled student or staff member to borrow material in their name. These materials are subject to the same borrowing policies as loans made in person by the faculty member.

To designate a faculty runner, submit a letter of authorization written on departmental stationery and include the following:

  • The runner’s name
  • The date until which the runner is authorized
  • An express statement of responsibility (ex. “I agree to take full responsibility for all overdue charges and/or replacement fees.”)
  • The faculty member’s signature

Letters should be addressed to Dineen Grow, Head of Access Services, Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison WI 53706.

Letters may be brought by the designated runner to the Circulation Office in Memorial Library. The runner will need to bring his/her UW photo ID.

Letters may also be faxed to (608) 262-2568, or mailed to Circulation Office, Room 170, Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison WI 53706.

A Note about the Runner’s ID

A faculty runner identifies him/herself at the circulation desk as a faculty runner and then typically uses his/her own ID to check out material as the faculty proxy when:

  • The faculty member intends to check out only materials from the UW-Madison campus
  • The faculty member intends to use Interlibrary Loan but does not need to access the information in the Interlibrary Loan account

A faculty runner will need a new, unique ID when:

  • The faculty member intends to use Interlibrary Loan and needs access to the Interlibrary Loan account information

In cases where a unique ID is needed, the faculty member will designate where email (for electronic article delivery or messages from staff) is to be sent.

Any questions about Faculty Runners should be referred to the Circulation Office at (608) 263-7360, Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM or by email.