Remote Access Bookmarklet

The best way to access licensed electronic resources is through the library website E-Resource Gateway or SFX E-Journals list. If you want to use your own bookmarked URLs, this bookmarklet which will proxy licensed resources for you.

You may have found a database link from a search engine such as Google or received an email from your favorite database provider in your mailbox. If the url does not contain it will probably not work for you.

A url that will not work:…

A url that will work:…

By using the remote access bookmarklet you can identify yourself to the database provider as a valid UW-Madison user and gain access to licensed content. (Find out more about bookmarklets)

How to Install the Bookmarklet

How to Use the Bookmarklet

If you have a database URL in your browser that doesn’t contain, you can identify yourself as a valid UW-Madison user by clicking on the remote access bookmarklet in your list of bookmarks.  This will redirect you to a page where you can login with your NetID and gain access to licensed content.