Media Studios

2252A & 2252B College Library

The Media Studios at College Library support semester long courses
that integrate collaborative digital projects into the curriculum.


Class size: 20-24 students in each space, or up to 48 in both spaces combined.
For more information, contact Rosemary Bodolay, Associate Director of DesignLab.
or, request a room for a semester-long course.

Each room includes:

  • 6 moveable large tables
    (suitable for seminar and group work; can be arranged in a variety of configurations)
  • 6 smaller tables with workstations
  • 24 moveable chairs
  • 24′ of white board across one wall
    (magnetic, so they can function as bulletin boards; magnets provided)
  • Small mobile white boards available

Room Schedules

See the story “Humanities Scholarship in the Digital Age” and “Trends in Learning: The Digital Humanities” pages 5-6 in the Friends of the Libraries Magazine.

Funded by the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates, the Media Studios are a joint project of the Digital Studies certificate program, the Libraries, DoIT, DesignLab, and the Digital Humanities Initiative.