Course-Related Instruction


Collaboration between librarians and instructors is important. Our librarians will team with you to develop instruction sessions tailored to your course and the needs of your students.

Most workshops have hands-on computer time so students can immediately practice new skills, while library staff provide individual feedback and guidance. Sessions are most effective when tied closely to an assignment requiring library research; librarians can assist in designing library research assignments.

Library staff and teaching staff work together to determine the content of the library session. Components may include, but are not limited to:

  • Overview of relevant library resources, both print and electronic
  • Library search strategy
  • Finding relevant books, journal articles, and Internet resources
  • Patent and trademark searching techniques
  • Data information literacy
  • Critical evaluation and selection of resources
  • Specialized resources when appropriate, such as Citation Management tools, Statistics resources, Presentation Software, etc.


  • We recommend using library instruction classrooms for the library session, but we will teach outside the library when necessary
  • Library sessions should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Please have alternative dates and times available when making your request
  • Sessions should be timed to coincide with occasions when students will be working on their library assignments.
  • Students are more engaged when the instructor participates in the session. Please plan to be present at the library session

Undergraduate Communications Requirement

The Undergraduate Communication Requirement is a two-course series that all undergraduates at the UW-Madison must complete. Both Course A and Course B of this requirement include an information literacy component. If you are teaching a course with an undergraduate communication requirement and would like to schedule a library session , or would like more information about addressing the information literacy requirements of the course, please contact us.

Contact Us

To schedule course-related instruction with Steenbock Library, please contact Barbara Sisolak, Steenbock Library Instruction Program Coordinator at (608) 263-2385  or use our online form.