Engaging with Community

Librarians can assist you with speaking to the requirements of your funding agency for a demonstration of the broader impacts of your work–i.e. your engagement with our larger community of stakeholders (scholars, practitioners and general public).

Speak to Requirements of Funding Agency – Public Access Compliance and Broader Impacts

Additional federal agency policies that have been developed in response to the memorandum (issued February 2013) from the Office of Science and Technology are summarized in an Ebling Library research guide to Federal Agency Public Access Requirements.

Discover Preparation & Training Opportunities

  • Broader Impacts, UW-Madison
    Provides consultation and resource support for planning, designing, and implementing BI programs.
  • Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellows Program, NSF, Portal to the Public
    Helps researchers and STEM professionals share science with the public, promoting appreciation and understanding of current science research. Program is supported, locally, by members of the Science Alliance.
  • Delta Program–Courses, Events, Programs
    Provides professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and graduate students in STEM disciplines (and more) to translate instruction into outreach as part of its mission to advance effective teaching practices for diverse student audiences. (The Delta Program is a project of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL)).
  • Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence, Professional Development for Early Career Faculty
  • Teaching and Learning Research Guide for STEM & SBE
    Portal to selected resources for finding research about teaching and learning within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and SBE (Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences) disciplines.
  • Journal of STEM OutreachNew, open-access, peer-reviewed journal connecting research with applied programming in STEM education and outreach.

Communicate Your Work through Campus and Community Media Channels

Translate your Research into a Public Outreach Experience (Alumni, K-12, General Public)

Network with Campus and Community Partners

Document Your Impact