Curiosity Unleashed! Wisconsin Science Festival (Nov 2-5)

October 27, 2017

Visit the Wisconsin Science Festival event guide to plan your day (and month). While many events and programs will take place at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, there are many other area venues–including the Henry Vilas Zoo and the Madison Children’s Museum–that will be hosting special events and tours.

The festival affords an amazing opportunity to dabble creatively in the sciences with hands-on activities, demonstrations, exhibits, films, lectures, workshops, and more. Importantly, too, you will meet the individuals behind the art and science who will share an infectious enthusiasm for what they do–whether that is their work in the lab, field or studio. Be sure to ask plenty of questions!

Two important opportunities for our research community include “Making a Difference: STEM Policy for Scientists (and those interested in science)” and “Communicating Science in the 21st Century“, November 2 and 3 (2:00-5:30 PM), respectively.

The Science Festival is also held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Book Festival with shared speakers and venues. Follow the site’s link to “STEM”.

And, do look for your campus librarians! They will be staffing a “Fact or Fiction” table during the Discovery Expo (Town Center, WID).

Apart from a handful of venues throughout the state in which there may be an admission or materials fee, most of the Wisconsin Science Festival is FREE and open to the public.