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Summer on the Farm with Soil Sisters (Aug 4-6)

July 24, 2017

Mark your calendar for an “immersive farming and culinary experience” with the Soil Sisters!  During the course of an August weekend (August 4-6 to be exact), the Soil Sisters—women committed to healthy soil and food production systems—invite you to explore any and all of their five components of the weekend.  The five components include a “Taste of Place”, “Green Acres Workshops”, a “Farm-to-Table” dinner, “Pizza on the Farm”, and a “Tour of Farms”. There are also opportunities to “Dine Fine” from the “locovore” menus at participating restaurants.

Find additional inspiration (and guidance) by borrowing a copy of Soil Sisters: A Toolkit for Women Farmers available at Steenbock Library or from our community of public libraries.  Speak with our librarians for assistance finding additional information about agriculture and entrepreneurship.