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History in the Palm of Your Hand

November 8, 2016

Imagine being able to examine an exceptional and rare piece of human technology…one that precedes any of our other hand-held devices by centuries!

What might that technology be and where can you find it, you ask?  Look no further than the manuscripts and rare books that are preserved by campus Libraries’ Special Collections!

Special Collections, located on the 9th floor of Memorial Library, houses materials of unique research interest for the individual as well as for students engaged with coursework across campus.

The offices and gallery space for Special Collections can be accessed by using its dedicated elevator to the right as one approaches the first floor, south stacks (Memorial Library).

Faculty and instructional staff who may wish to introduce their students to course-relevant selections from this treasure-trove of human scholarship are encouraged to contact staff in order to identify particular items or to arrange for a class visit.

Collections of interest to our agriculture/life sciences community: