Cool Science Images Make Great Art!

July 28, 2016

Steenbock staff has long been pleased to spread the word about the Cool Science Images contest and its online gallery of past and present submissions. Much to our delight and in cooperation with Kevin Barrett and Terry Devitt with University Communications, the library, now, has enlarged prints of a selection of cool science images to enliven the walls of our first floor. Examine the intersection where art meets science at the corner near the elevator (toward vending) and the immediate west-facing wall (to the right). Each enlarged print is accompanied by a label with the name of its image creator and description of subject.

Images used and, how captured, include:

  • Barker, Hilary. Stinkbug Eggs, 2016. DinoLite Digital Microscope.
  • Ellingam, Thomas, and Max R. Salick. Cellulose Nano-Fibers, 2014. Confocal Microscopy.
  • Erker, Tedward, and Steve Kochaver. Madison Lakes, 2016. Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer.
  • Geiger, Mike. Borage and Starflower with Bee, 2014.
  • Gordon, Tyler. Prince Rupert’s Drops, 2015. DSLR Camera w/ Polariscope.
  • Heyrman, Ethan. Blood Moon, 2016. Canon 7D DSLR / Orion 80 ED Refractor Telescope.
  • Kriebel, Ricardo. Miconia friedmaniorum, 2014. Scanning Electron Microscope.
  • Otegui, Marisa S. Ice Crystals, 2015. Cellular Phone.