Managing Library Print Collections, Update for Faculty, Staff

April 8th, 2016

Faculty and staff are invited to attend an informational session on the progress of UW Libraries’ print management strategy and its use of shelving facilities.

The session is scheduled for April 19 (11:00 AM), in Room 126, Memorial Library. Those attending the informational session will have an opportunity to ask questions.

In order to ensure access to existing collections yet accommodate growth, the Libraries are engaged with the following efforts:

  • Developing electronic resources and licensing strategies for perpetual access to titles held electronically,
  • Increasing participation in shared print repositories managed in cooperation with trusted, peer institutions,
  • Moving print journal archives and selected monographs into high density shelving facilities.

For more information, we invite you to review the Libraries’ site for Collections and related pages addressing the Management of Physical Collections, Print Journal Management, and Shelving Facilities.

Please contact our Steenbock librarians should you need assistance using our catalogs, databases and services for access and retrieval or print and electronic collections.