Blind Date with a Book

February 3rd, 2016

“Love rarely comes with a guide.  If you udderly adore me, however, I tell you everything you need to know.”

As February inspires thoughts of romance and cozy companionship, let our library matchmakers pair you with the perfect catch from our collection.

Beginning Friday (Feb 5), stop by our display table to browse the smartly-dressed, albeit bookish, charmers, each with a scintillating statement of intent.  If you are so wooed, head first to our Circulation Desk, then out with your mystery date.

Let’s dish!  Fill out the “rate your date” form (to be found attached to the body of your date). Present the form, when you return with your date, to our Circulation Desk.

Or, tell all on our social media—Facebook and Twitter.

And, should you wish to expand your network, be sure to look for eligible, and similarly-bookish dates, at College and Memorial Libraries.