‘Tis the Season…

July 21st, 2015

…for gardening! Steenbock Library’s guide to “Home and Community Gardening” has been created to bring together selected resources that speak to a particular facet–gardening–within the larger, interdisciplinary research interests that are food sovereignty, food systems and food security.

Topics of special interest within this guide include: community and school gardening, urban agriculture/urban farming, horticultural therapy as well as gardening for particular design or intent (such as gardening to attract pollinators or to filter runoff).

Follow your guide! Campus librarians create Research Guides to assist library users with finding recommended databases to the research literature and to other useful information concerning a particular discipline or topic.

Steenbock librarians have created guides that speak to academic areas the library serves with its collections and research services–including agricultural and applied economics, animal sciencehorticultureorganic agriculture, veterinary medicine, and more.