Learning Spaces and STEM, Webinar Event (Feb 20)

February 13th, 2015

Faculty, staff and students are invited to join librarians for a screening of a Learning Spaces Collaboratory Webinar, Friday, February 20 (3:00-4:30 PM).  This particular Webinar will explore innovative spaces for undergraduate teaching, learning and research in the STEM disciplines.  The Webinar will be hosted in the BioCommons, an example, itself, of these collaborative spaces.

What:  Dissolving the Boundaries and Embracing the Future: 21st Century Spaces for Undergraduate STEM Learning, Teaching, and Research, LSC Webinar ; Discussion to follow screening.
When:  Friday, February 20 (3:00 – 4:30 PM)
Where: the BioCommons at Steenbock Library (first floor)

Thank you to the General Library System, Space Planning Committee for its sponsorship.