Talkin’ Turkey

November 18th, 2014

Thanksgiving holidays are often celebrated by feasting, either upon a mythologized spread featuring a signature entrée or upon that which you would rather dine. In the spirit of these food traditions, I offer up a few titles from Steenbock’s cookbook collection so that you may prepare accordingly.

If your Thanksgiving tradition calls for turkey, consult the food safety and preparation tips supplied by Professor and Cooperative Extension food science specialist, Barbara Ingham, “It’s Time to Talk Turkey“.

Title: Holiday Food Fun–Creative Ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & more

Title: Wild about Turkey: Tantalizing Tastes of Turkey and all the Trimmings, with Recipes for Thanksgiving …and Beyond

Title: The Thanksgiving Table: Recipes and Ideas to Create your own Holiday Tradition (includes vegetarian selections, too)

Title: Thanksgiving: 50 Years of Tradition