Poll Everywhere, including Madison!

February 20th, 2014

Looking for something to give a creative boost to your end of semester presentations? Poll Everywhere offers a great resource for anyone looking to stand out with a unique way of engaging audiences. Poll Everywhere is an online application that allows you to create poll questions for students or audiences and display responses in real time. It has many great editing features so you can customize visual appearances, display themes, font and color options. It is totally free for up to 40 responses at a time, which makes it a perfect resource for class presentations, discussions, and group meetings. Poll Everywhere allows for multiple methods of response, from texting, to on the web, and even twitter. This helps make Poll Everywhere very accessible and feasible in most educational settings.  

Poll Everywhere can be utilized in many different capacities, such as opinion questions, tests of knowledge, and determining an audience’s wants or preferences. It is a great way to incorporate technology into a classroom because it can be fun, entertaining, and even help encourage a lively debate. Because responses are recorded immediately, there is a tangible result to actions taken in the classroom, helping it to be a good tool for grabbing and keeping the attention of participants. Poll Everywhere can incorporate pictures, and even has the capability of being integrated directly into a PowerPoint presentation, making its use easy and seamless. It even has a fantastic Poll Everywhere User Guideto help you along the process. 

Poll Everywhereoffers a great way for students to improve their class presentations, instructors to engage their students, and is a great alternative to costly clickers. It is truly a versatile resource that allows creativity to open the door to almost limitless possibilities. 

Steenbock Library is offering a Poll Everywhere Tech Talk on February 20 at 12 pm. Poll Everywhere is the perfect way to enhance your presentations and teaching opportunities. Tech Talks are completely free and take just 30 minutes, so it’s the perfect time to stop on by and learn something between classes. Steenbock offers many instruction opportunities and we encourage you to check out the Steenbock Workshop Schedule. We hope to see you at one soon!

A special thank you to Information Specialist Internship Program student Lucas Nicholson, for writing this guest post and designing the PollEverywhere workshop!