Staying Current

January 24th, 2014
How do you stay current with the literature in your field of study or research? If you find this a challenging prospect, our librarians have the tools to help.
Staying up-to-date with what is happening in your area of research may take several forms.  Are you interested in having browsing access to the most current volume of a favorite journal or magazine?  Or, would you prefer to receive an email message or RSS feed to newly-published research on a topic of interest?  In similar fashion, would you like to know when your published article is cited by other researchers? Or, do your enjoy reading blogs and current news from News sites and the popular press?
If any and all of these apply to the information you would like to retrieve and your workflow (more on that question of management, below), note that there are open Web resources and library-licensed tools that can serve this process of keeping current.  A selection of these tools and assists are listed, below, by approach or form.
Table of Contents (your favorite or essential journals)

Search and Citation Alerts (your area of research interest or by publication)
  • Database Alerts (via email or RSS)
  • Google Scholar Alerts (via email with Google Account–either to “My Citations” or to a topic search)
  • Google Book Alerts (an option as from the Result Type menu)

Blogs, News Media, Website Updates

Library Guides, Liaisons and Workshops

You do not need to do this alone.  Speak to your librarians for assistance and customization.  Attend a drop-in workshop or do-it-yourself by reading our Web guides.

Managing the Information you Retrieve

Campus Libraries provide support for several software products for managing your citations and formatting your reference listEvaluate these tools and attend a drop-in workshop to explore their features.  The beauty of these tools is that they can communicate well with library-licensed databases making it relatively easy and efficient to move records from database to manager. 
Have any tips and resources to share?  If so, please reply to this post.