Bibliometrics & Citation Analysis

July 2nd, 2013
Are people discovering and reading the research I have published? 
Will publishing in a particular journal be advantageous to me as I move forward in my career? 
How can I determine whether the buzz of the social Web has impact?  

If these questions concern you, we invite you to learn more about measuring the impact of your work by reviewing the Libraries’ research guide to Bibliometrics & Citation Analysis.

This guide supplies information and links to both library-licensed and freely-available tools for journal, author and article-level metrics or, in other words, tools that enable researchers and librarians to identify core journals and to assess the visibility and influence of authors and articles published within them. 
There is also growing interest in what we have come to call “altmetrics” that look to measure how social media informs scholarship via formats in which references to research can be tabulated (be they “likes”, “shares”, “bookmarks”, or other).  Visit the tab to “Alternative Metrics” should you wish to explore how these interesting measures may tell a more comprehensive story of your research endeavors.
Librarians are happy to assist you with using these bibliometric tools.  We invite you to schedule an opportunity to consult with us.