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February 25th, 2013

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess an Instagramphoto is worth at least a couple of likes. 

At Steenbock Library, we have just created an account on the filter-friendly mobile app, and we’re very excited for what its potential can be. Whether you first heard about the newest social media craze being referenced in a rap song, an article in the Huffington Post, or seen a photo on Facebook, it sure looks like Instagram is here to stay.

Now here at the library, not only is the account going to be used to connect students to the library, I believe that it can show the university and the world, that there are more to libraries than we think. Before joining the ISIP Program (Information Specialist Internship Program) which is part of the UW Library System, I was truly unaware of how much work goes into the library.  After being in the program for two semesters now, I can attest to the interesting and important work the librarians at this school do and hopefully our Instagram will shed some light on this.
So if you have any suggestions for photos or just want to follow someone new on Instagram, remember to look up ASK_Steenbock, give us a like, and talk about what you want to see from us next.
With thanks to ISIP Intern, Matthew J, for this blog post.