Top 10 Things to Know: UW-Archives

August 29, 2012
10. We’re right here on campus! Located on the fourth floor of Steenbock Library, the Archives is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8:00-4:30! Planning a trip to the Archives? Call 262-5629 or email in advance.

9. Researching a topic related to campus history? Many of our collections are cataloged into the library’s online catalog. Click here to begin a search.

8. Some of our most useful “foundation” resources have been digitized and are available online through the UW Digital Collections Center’s UW-Madison Collection.

7. Our collections include approximately 3,500 films, 1,200 oral history interviews and almost 1.5 million photos. That’s a whole lotta campus history! We can provide digital copies or facilitate viewing/listening to the original item depending on the format and your project needs.

6. Is your department or group celebrating an anniversary? Hosting a retirement event for an honored faculty or staff member? Planning a reunion? The UW-Madison Archives can help! Find out how, here.

5. Although we LOVE working with our colleagues over the hill, we’re not the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS). Located on Library Mall, the WHS archives collects and shares materials that document Wisconsin history. It’s importation to note that their collections do include materials related to campus so check both the UW-Madison Archives and WHS Library-Archives when researching such a topic.

4. We are actively collecting! In general, we collect materials that document UW-Madison, UW Extension, and UW System and Colleges administration history. As faculty and staff retire or move out of office space, sometimes materials of historic value are left behind. Feel free to call us (or share our contact information with colleagues) if you discover something “archives worthy”. We are more than happy to meet and review your materials for potential inclusion in our collections.

3. Did you know we have a records manager who works with University departments to curate and manage “official business records” of the University? Contact Records Management or visit for more information.

2. Love social media? So do we! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. Follow us from the Archives home page.

1. We love a good history mystery! Got a question? A research challenge? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to find the answer. For more information about the UW-Madison Archives, visit our home page.

With thanks to Vicki T. for this blog post.