Raise the Woof! (April 18)

April 12th, 2012

What better way to relieve the stress of studying than to meet wet-nose to nose with a wiggling, wagging member of the canine corps, Dogs on Call?!“Dogs on Call” is a local member of Pet Partners–an organization devoted to improving human health through the existing bond between people and companion animals. These companion animals are specially-trained to gently-interact with their human counterparts in any number of environments including schools, hospitals, libraries and special-care facilities.

Steenbock staff and CALS Student Council welcome Dogs on Call to the library, Wednesday, April 18, from 6:30-8:00 PM. The dogs, accompanied by their companion handlers, will be available for a romp and cuddle near the front, main entrance to the library.

Please visit the sites for Dogs on Call and Pet Partners to learn more about their services. Dogs on Call was also recently-awarded a grant from the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association to support its R.E.A.D work.