CALS Week Study Night (April 10)

April 8th, 2011

If you’re looking to take a study break and feeling hungry, be sure to stop by the library for some bagels and milk. CALS Week–brought to you by the CALS Student Council–kicks off with this night of studying and refreshments. Bagels and milk will be served Sunday evening (April 10) from 6:00-10:00 PM, Steenbock Library, first floor. Students who attend can also sign-in to get points for their student organization as part of the CALS Week participation competition.

In addition to the Study Night, check out the list, below, of other CALS Week events (or print flyer):

Monday April 11th: CALS and Friends Blood Drive
Help save lives by supporting CALS! Walk-ins welcome, appointments appreciated. Free refreshments: bagels, snacks and juice to presenting donors.
WHERE: Jorns Basement
WHEN: 12-5 PM
APPOINTMENTS: (sponsor code: 1568)

Tuesday April 12th: CALS Day for Kids
CALS Student Orgs run a fair to intrigue and inspire local grade school children.
WHERE: Stock Pavilion
WHEN: 8:30AM-3PM

Wednesday April 13th: CALS Undergrad Lab Fair
The fair will host labs from all over campus: offering students literature, posters and current projects and the opportunity to interview professionally for both paid and unpaid positions. Go beyond the “Student Jobcenter” or mass email approach and meet the researchers one-on-one. Remember to dress professionally and bring resumes! In conjunction with the L&S Just In Time Career Fair.
WHERE: WI Institutes for Discovery, Forum
WHEN: 1-4 PM

Thursday April 14th: CALS Career Services Day
Join CALS Career Services as we cover the basics for securing an internship or full-time job. We’ll cover resume tips, cover letter do’s and don’ts, interviewing, BuckyNet and search engines. This session is designed to help students find an opportunity before the end of the semester.
WHERE: 354 Ag Hall
WHEN: 1:20-2:15 PM

Saturday April 16th: CALS Olympics!
Join the CALS Student Orgs as they compete through a number of challenges, finishing up the festivities of CALS Week with classics like Milk Flip Cup, a water balloon toss, egg races, an ice cream eating contest and a volleyball tournament.
WHERE: Jorns Courtyard
WHEN: 12-4 PM

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