Bike to Work Week (June 6-11)

May 25th, 2010

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin encourages you to discover a fitness and transportation solution with its spring “Bike to Work Week” event (June 6-11).

Visit the Federation website to view the Madison calendar of events where you can tune up that bike, snack, and socialize with fellow cyclists. The Federation also supplies brief resource articles at its site to “Bicycling 101” and “Commuting“.

Do consider participating in this year’s “Commuter Bike Challenge“. In order to participate, university departments and units can register online. Once a workplace is registered, the Bicycle Federation will send out additional information regarding participation, including logging one’s daily commute. See who has already signed up. Prizes and recognition will be granted to workplaces, not only for participating, but also for the following accomplishments:

  • Highest number of participating employees
  • Highest average number of days biked per participating employee
  • Highest average number of miles biked per participating employee
  • Most miles biked per workplace

See the flyer.

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