My Favorite Resource…

February 26th, 2010

Members of the Steenbock staff have been asked to share their reflections about favorite informational products, sites and tools. In this second installment, Amanda invites the blog reader to explore Delicious (free social bookmarking).

What it is and Why I like it: First of all, Delicious helps me keep track of websites and online documents/videos/etc. by letting me tag them with words that I’ll remember, then organize them by subject. Just as importantly, it allows me to follow other users’ bookmarked sites, which continuously exposes me to new ideas and useful tools.

How I would recommend that you use it: To begin with, just explore some of the recently popular sites and tags, and click on some user accounts to get a sense for how they organize their bookmarks (my Delicious account is at If you want to experiment with Delicious, sign up for an account (free) and start using it, then maybe add some users to your Network and watch what they tag, or subscribe to tags to track what websites they get assigned to. Enjoy!