Stress Busters

December 14th, 2009

Take a break from your studies and get those creative juices flowing with a brief stress-buster. You will find, on first and second floors of Steenbock Library, some activity baskets filled with an assortment of origami papers, coloring/doodling pages, crossword puzzles and knitting materials. A magnetic poetry board and jigsaw-puzzle table can also be found on second.

The library will also play host to a generous contribution from the Kronshage, Cole and Sullivan Community of hot chocolate and coffee during the evenings, (December 16-21; between 7:00-11:30 PM, while supplies last). Look for the hot beverage service on the second floor (entrance level).

For a list of extended library hours and finals week activities at the various campus libraries, visit the special, Stay Up Latte pages.

The staff of Steenbock Library wishes you the best for a successful finals week and end of term.