Wisconsin Book Festival (October 15-19)

October 10th, 2008

Need an opportunity to feed the mind and stir the soul? If so, consider taking a break to cozy up to the bountiful harvest of author presentations and book discussion forums that comprise the Wisconsin Book Festival.

(Apologies for my lavish use of feeding/harvest metaphor but is there any better illustration for that which the season implies and good literature can inspire?!)

The theme for the book festival this year is that of “changing places” and what that may connote for writers and their readers—how we may step into another’s shoes and learn to honor and to appreciate the other—be it a place, an experience or a point-of-view.

Featured speakers include: Lynda Barry, Judy Blume, Moustafa Bayoumi, Mia Kirshner, David Maraniss, Michael Perry, Jeremy Scahill, Christina Schwarz, Patricia Smith, among many others.

New this year will be an opportunity to participate in conversation circles—public forums for exploring themes of change and community.

See the list of presenters.

View the five day schedule of events.

UW-Madison Libraries and the Friends of UW-Madison Libraries are among the festival sponsors.