Create your Own Search Engine (Rollyo)

February 27th, 2008

Have you ever desired your own search engine crafted to search just the sites you know, like and trust? If so, then give Rollyo a go. With Rollyo, you can easily create a searchroll of favorite Web sites. Name your searchroll and enter up to 25 sites to search (according to the FAQ, the most effective searchrolls search 5-15 sites).

If you just use the “Create Searchroll” application, the customized search engine will only exist on your computer. When you register and create your own login, your searchrolls will be credited to you and be made publicly-available. Creating your own login also enables you to save searchrolls to a personal profile page and to access your searchrolls from any computer.

Note: Rollyo searches can only search from the entire site or site root level; searches cannot be limited to a particular page or section of a site (example from Rollyo FAQ: but not