Need Data?

February 20th, 2008

DISC (Data & Information Services Center) maintains a searchable Internet Crossroads of links to data-product Websites, useful for interdisciplinary research. Run a keyword search (of annotations and /or titles of products) or browse by topic category. Categories include agriculture, crime and justice, family life, geography and environment, health, public opinion and attitudes, among other topics.

The DISC Library (Room 3308, Sewell Social Science Building) maintains collections of survey information and datasets reflecting the diversity of research interests in the social sciences. Click here for more information about the scope of the collection and access to the DISC Catalog.

Resources for statistics and data can also be found using the Libraries’ E-Resource Gateway. From the Gateway, select the tab for More Options. From the More Options tab, select a subject category from the pull-down menu and statistics & data from the type menu. See the video of this navigation.

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