Protecting Your Identity, Resources and Tips

December 17th, 2007

The Wisconsin State Office of Privacy Protection offers some terrific strategies and resources for protecting your personal information, online and off.

Handy printable brochure, “Identity Theft Consumer Tips”

Identity Theft: The Basics of Safeguarding Your Information

Identity Theft: Protecting Your Information While Shopping

Students and ID Theft: It Happens A lot!

Tips for Off-line Protection

Tips for Online Protection

Two of my personal favorites:

Wisconsin’s No-Call List

Stop the insanity and the disruption! Register your phone number with the Wisconsin No Call Program to limit the number of calls you receive from telemarketers.

OptOut (of credit card offers)

End the mail clutter of pre-approved credit card offers with the OptOut service. *

*Of similar interest, you can opt-out from all the unsolicited catalogs that fill your box by signing on to the free Catalog Choice service.