Crafting Kimono, SOHE Design Gallery

December 6th, 2007

Do you appreciate elegant fashion and fine craftsmanship? If so, then savor a visit to the SOHE Design Gallery. Its current exhibit, Crafting Kimono features examples of wedding, formal, and everyday kimono and describes the weaving and dyeing methods used in their construction.

The SOHE Design Gallery is located in Room 70, ground floor of the Human Ecology Building, 1300 Linden Drive. During scheduled exhibitions, the Gallery is free and open to the public, Wednesday – Friday (11:00 am – 5:30 pm) and Saturday and Sunday (12:00 -5:00 pm).

Crafting Kimono runs from October 31, 2007 until February 3, 2008. Do note that the Gallery will be closed during winter break December 17 – January 22.

Steenbock Library has several books in its collection about kimono and kimono embroidery. Consult with a librarian for assistance locating these titles.

Photo snippet is detail from a Young Woman’s Kimono (Oburisode), 1920s.