ScreenHunter and Jing: Free Apps for Screen and Video Capture

December 4th, 2007

ScreenHunter offers free screen capture software to capture any part of a screen image, then print and edit the screenshot with annotations. Screenhunter also works well with Web capture and scanning. ScreenHunter can capture a full screen, an active window or a specific rectangular area of your choice. You can capture virtually anything on your computer screen. ScreenHunter can be used for group projects, research papers, presentations etc. It can be downloaded for free here (

After an image is captured it automatically saves them in BMP or JPEG formats. It also can save captures to the clipboard to be copied to other programs, such as Word. ScreenHunter is simple to use because of a selectable hot-key capture which allows users to capture images at any point with the push of a button (F6).

Similar to ScreenHunter is the Jing Project. Jing is also currently a free program but it allows users to instantly generate video with audio from screen captures on your computer to share anywhere. Jing works on a Mac or PC and is ideal for step-by-step instruction. If your grandma is having technical trouble with her computer, use Jing to record the necessary steps to a solution. You can save the video clip with audio and add it as an attachment in an email to her—a convenient service for both of you. Jing also has the option of uploading your video to After you add your file to simply send the link and your video can be viewed directly on the Website with no additional download required.

Jing Project, Frequently Asked Questions

Example Jing video: Using the Ethnic Newswatch Database to Retrieve a Full-Text Article

With thanks to intern, JM for this blog post.