Steenbock Journal Assessment and Proposed Journal Cancellations

September 10th, 2007

Journal prices continue to increase rapidly, but Steenbock does not receive an annual increase to its acquisitions budget. Therefore the library must reduce its anticipated journal expenditures for next year by about $45,000. To do this, the library plans to discontinue about 70 print subscriptions for which the publisher’s online version is available to you. This will save about $22,000 annually.

To generate an additional $23,000 in savings, the library is also planning to cancel 140 low use and/or high cost journals. A list of titles proposed for cancellation is posted at: The table also shows cost-per-use data for each title for the past year.

Please continue to request articles you need via Library Express. The library cancels subscriptions because document delivery is more cost effective. Nevertheless, the library continues to provide the articles you need at no cost to you. If you have any questions about document delivery, please contact your liaison librarian.

We also encourage you to work with your liaison librarian to set up table of contents and subject email alerts to keep you informed about new articles of interest to you. To learn more or to request an alert, see:

High journal costs create barriers to sharing research findings with other scholars. You can also help change the scholarly communications landscape. For additional information about managing your rights as an author and about open access publishing, see:

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