Do you know your Library Liaison?!

August 7th, 2007

August is a good time to get acquainted. Steenbock liaisons work as principal contacts for each department and program the library serves.

Library liaisons can provide the following services:

Assist with library services and policies (e.g., Library Express, faculty runner cards, UW System search and retrieval…)

Customize email alerts to keep you informed about new articles matching your topic criteria and tables of contents of your favorite journals

Provide in-depth reference consultations—our office or yours (e.g., help with strategy and database choices, customize your email alerts…)

Supply customized instructional sessions and course web pages for students (e.g, hands-on training in using specific databases in your subject area, cited reference searching, website evaluation)

Verify citations

Assist with purchase requests or recommendations

Consult on questions related to publishing your research (e.g., identifying target journals, managing copyright, measuring research impact, open access publishing)

Provide in-depth orientation for new faculty, staff, graduate students, and project and research assistants

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