Retaining Access to RefWorks Citations

May 22nd, 2007

If you are leaving the UW-Madison campus where you have enjoyed access to RefWorks, there are several ways you can retain access to your citations.

If you are going to continue using RefWorks at another institution or through a personal subscription, you should use the Backup/Restore feature.

First, Backup your citations in your current RefWorks account.
Then, open your future RefWorks account, when available, and Restore your backup citations. *

*Note: Your RefWorks account should be empty when using the Restore command. Restoring will overwrite all of the references in your database. When restoring, do so in an empty database or to an account that does not have any data you want to save.

If you will not continue to have access to RefWorks or will be switching to another citation manager such as EndNote or Reference Manager, among others, then you should use the Export feature of RefWorks.

Export your citations from your current RefWorks account.
Select the Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite). Citations will not be saved in folders but in one merged file unless you export each folder separately. Follow your specific software product directions to Import these citations.

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