Forestry Library Databases (U of M)

April 27th, 2007

The Forestry Library at the University of Minnesota has generated four publicly-accessible databases, each devoted to a particular avenue of research: Social Sciences in Forestry; Trail Planning, Construction and Maintenance; Tropical Forest Conservation and Development; and, Urban Forestry. Each database supplies searchable access to citations (with abstracts) from relevant journal articles, conference proceedings, books and government publications. Full-text links are supplied in those instances when available, generally from government agencies (US Forest Service, for instance).

Do consult campus collections, either by using the MadCat catalog or Find It (for journal articles) or speak with librarians to determine local availability to resources of interest. Items not available from the Madison campus library system can be obtained using the Library Express service.

Social Sciences in Forestry
Coverage: 1985 – present, updated weekly.

Trail Planning, Construction and Maintenance
Coverage: 1984 – present, updated weekly

Tropical Forest Conservation and Development
Coverage: 1992 – present, updated weekly.

Urban Forestry
Coverage: 1980 – present, updated weekly.

Links to these databases can also be found in Steenbock Library’s Forestry Subject Guide.

Note: Databases prove most compatible using the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

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