Agricola Coverage Reduced, Try CAB Abstracts

April 9th, 2007

Are you a regular user of Agricola? If so, you may want to compare it to CAB Abstracts. While both CAB Abstracts and Agricola are important databases for agricultural literature, Agricola has been “re-scoped,” reducing the number of journals it indexes.

A comparison of the lists of journals and other series indexed by these two databases yielded the following results:

Titles in both databases (overlap): 409
Titles unique to Agricola: 197
Titles unique to CAB Abstracts: 7111

Because of these changes, Agricola users may want to give CAB Abstracts a try, too.

For more information, see our library’s Web guide at:

Search Agricola

Search CAB Abstracts

(Tip: To limit your results in CAB to items about the United States, use the “advanced” search, then search for Term: USA In: Geographic Names (GE))

With thanks to librarian Beverly Phillips for this blog entry and database analysis.

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