Find Information about Journals & Magazines

September 28th, 2006

Use the Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory to find descriptive information about magazines and journals.

From the E-Resources/Article Databases gateway, find Ulrich’s by name.
Search Ulrich’s for a journal or magazine by title.
Click title link to view a detailed record.

The Basic Description Tab supplies information about the journal or magazine including publisher, frequency of issue, language of text, and refereed (or peer-reviewed) status.

The link to “Table of Contents” supplies the table of contents to a range of volumes. (You can even run a simple topic search there within the contents of that journal).

The Abstracting/Indexing tab will list databases that can be searched for the contents of the particular journal or magazine. Speak with a librarian or run a database name search in the E-Resource/Article databases gateway to see whether campus libraries have access to the database.

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