Celebrating Women in Science & Engineering, Grant Program

April 28th, 2005

The WISELI grant program is the result of collaboration between WISELI and the following Schools/Colleges: CALS, L&S, Pharmacy, Medical, Veterinary Medicine, and Engineering. This program provides funds to departments, centers, or student groups wishing to enhance their own seminar schedules or especially to create new workshops, symposia, lecture series, or similar events in line with the goals of WISELI: to promote participation and advancement of women in science and engineering. The maximum award is $3,000, and the maximum time frame for the award is one academic year. Applications for the 2005/06 academic year are due May 27, 2005. (Text as per WISELI site).

For application and additional information, visit the WISELI Web site:(http://wiseli.engr.wisc.edu/initiatives/celebrating/celebrate.html)

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