Campus Assessment

The following are examples of assessment activities that Teaching & Learning Programs librarians have been engaged in across campus.

UW-Madison Academic Assessment Plan 

The Plan outlines university-wide assessment standards, goals, and guidelines for measuring and evaluating student academic achievement. The Plan requires every UW academic program that includes general education goals to have an assessment plan, in order to be able to “construct a case of evidence to evaluate if students are achieving these learning expectations.” It is important that these assessment methods be used on a regular basis at all academic levels in order to receive a full picture of student learning. Each plan must be consistent with the Essential Learning Outcomes, which include “Information Literacy in the area of Intellectual and Practical skills”.

Assessment Plan for General Education at the UW-Madison

According to the Plan, the primary tool used for measuring information literacy at the campus level has been standardized testing. While these efforts have shown that students have achieved an “acceptable level of performance,” it is indicated that “[a] more authentic assessment of student learning will provide better information which can be used for program administration and improvement.” A future information literacy assessment is included in the Plan’s calendar for assessment projects scheduled over the next several years (slated for the 2010-11 school year).