Accessing Reserves via Learn@UW

As of August 13th, 2018 the libraries will be retiring Library Course Pages (LCP) and transitioning to a Canvas based reserves interface Learn more

Login to Learn@UW and select the link labeled Library/Reserves under the Materials pulldown. This link appears in the Learn@UW NavBar by default. It takes students enrolled in the course to either the Library Website OR your custom Library Course Page. Here is an example link:

The custom LCP is created by librarians, in collaboration with faculty and instructors, and tailored to a specific course’s needs and assignments. It may contain course reserves, links to library resources and services and hints on using the library. A custom LCP is often used in conjuction with a library instruction session. Please visit the Learn@UW Helpdesk Document for more information on the Library/Reserves link.

IMPORTANT In order for your custom Library Course Page to be linked, you must first “activate” your Learn@UW course.

Your custom Library Course Page will be linked the next day. If you have any questions please contact us at