11-Digit ID Numbers

Some library services (the Library Catalog, Article & Book Delivery, etc.) allow you login with your 11-Digit ID number in addition to NetID.

Most ID number login problems are a result of typing in only 10 of the 11 digits. The 11th digit is the issue code and is not part of the prominent number on the card. The issue code indicates the number of IDs that have been assigned to an individual (1st ID = 0, 2nd ID = 1, etc.) Only one ID – the most recently issued – may be valid at any time.

Current UW-Madison ID Card
Current ID cards feature 10 digits. The issue code – listed separately – is the 11th digit. If you have not yet received your campus ID card but have your 10 digit ID number, try a zero for the 11th digit.

Current UW-Madison General Library System Card
The 11 digit number is found above the barcode and is repeated between the ‘b’ and the ‘a’ below the barcode.

Older ID Cards