Oskar Hagen Collection (1910-1958)



Carducciana for four mixed voices (1948)

Choral rhapsody for chorus and orchestra (1943)

Concerto grosso for orchestra (1944)

Faust music for chorus and orchestra (incomplete)

Die kleine Meerfrau (opera, 1910-1912)

Songs: Erkenntnis (1943) ; Gebet (1910) ; Gewissheit (no date) ; Goethes Sonnengesang (1948)

Die Sonne for choir, soloists, and orchestra (1943)

Theme and canon 4 for string quartet (no date)

Wisconsin summer for string quartet (1946)


Works by Bach, Chemin-Petit, Haydn, Martinu, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Wagner


78s: Carducciana (2 discs, performed by the Madison Philharmonic Chorus, 1949)

[Violin sonata ?] (3 discs)

Wisconsin summer (3 discs; 2 copies, one labeled “Suite for Quartette” performed by the Pro Arte Quartet.)

LP: Concerto grosso