Hilmar Luckhardt Collection (1934-1980)



Analogue overture

Ariadne’s thread

Aurora march


Chamber Ensembles

Chorale prelude for violin and viola with organ

Concerto grosso in neo-Baroque style for brass ensemble

Octet for brass

Quartet for piccolo, two flutes and alto flute

Quartet no. 1 in A minor for strings

Quartet no. 2 for strings

Quartet no. 3 for strings

Quartet no. 4 in D for strings

Quintet no. 1 for brass

Quintet no. 2 for brass

Quintet no. 1 for woodwinds

Quintet no. 2 for woodwinds

Sonata for oboe and piano

Sonata for viola and piano

Sonata no. 1 for violin and piano

Sonata no. 2 for violin and piano

Sonatina for violin and viola

Trio for strings “Phrygian”

Via Dolorosa: a prelude to a crucifixion

Film Music

Cancer research at McArdle

The face of youth

The Milwaukee way


Chorale prelude no. 1

Chorale prelude no. 3

Concerto for cello and orchestra

Concerto for viola and orchestra

Construction serialized in seven parameters for three ensembles

French overture in Baroque style for strings

Passacaglia for orchestra


Symphonic variations for piano and orchestra

Symphony no. 1

Symphony no. 2

Symphony no. 3 (Sinfonietta in F)

Symphony no. 4

Variations on a Polish folk song


Collection of 16 small pieces for beginners. Contents: Song ; Right to left and back again ; Lydian mode ; Mostly black ; Octaves ; Sad waltz ; Alternate hands (Canon) ; Accidentals—on purpose ; Thirds ; Follow the leader ; Can’t get off the ground ; Alternate hands ; Boating ; Chords ; Reflections ; Floating

Hommage à Chopin

Hommage à Chopin no. 2

Piece for the piano

Piece for the piano



Symmetry nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Three toccatas

Variations on Pussy cat, pussy cat

Variations on a theme by Mozart


Anthem for Palm Sunday for three choirs with organ

Anthem for Passion Sunday or Good Friday for choir

Carroll’s carol

Colin’s song

Dennie’s wedding song for baritone and organ

Life of my life–Madrigaletto in 16th century style for five voices

Madrigaletto for four voices

Missa brevis for mixed chorus (SSATBB)

No more for voice and piano

Psalm 103 for mixed chorus (SATB) and organ

Strider faceva for five voices

A Whitman set



Collection of pieces based on BACH

Dennie’s wedding processional for organ

Prelude and fugue on BACH for cello

Solo piece for flute

Toccata for tape-recorded band sounds


Bach, Johann Sebastian—Concerto no. 2 for organ

Bach, Johann Sebastian—Three-part invention no. 4

Bach, Johann Sebastian—Three-part invention no. 9

Blodek, Guillaume—Concerto in D major for flute and piano

Lehar, Franz—Waltz from The merry widow

Lehar, Franz—Waltz from The merry widow

Martin, Easthope—Come to the fair

Ravel, Maurice—Pavane pour une infante defunte

Schubert, Franz—Scherzo for symphony no. 8

Wood, Haydn—Mannin veen


A minor overture (Analog overture)

Brass Quintet #1

Cancer research at McArdle

Chance music 1963

Chorale preludes 1, 2, 3

Colin’s song

Concerto grosso in neo-Baroque style

Face of youth

Golden anniversary march

Milwaukee way

My concrete piece

Octet for brass


Polish variations

Sonatina for violin and viola

String quartets 3, 4

Symphonic variations

Symphony #3

Symphony #4

Via Dolorosa

Variations on a Polish folk song

Whitman set


Woodwind quintets 1, 2